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The border between digital photography and sculpture is the conceptual focus of Marius Glauer (born 1983, Oslo, Norway). The Berlin-based artist studied fine arts at the Parsons School of Art & Design, New York, and at the Berlin University of the Arts, where he was a master’s student of Josephine Pryde in 2014.

In his work there are no clear boundaries where the distinctions between abstract and concrete, organic and synthesized, seriousness and irony, sexy and obscene, high and low become indistinct.

With his works Glauer surveys the entire material and discursive range of what can be considered “photography”.


For MON, Marius Glauer presented the installation Fidelity, 2019. 

In a small, almost square room, stands a framed black and white photograph of a couple on their wedding day. The picture is positioned on the oor and leans against a transparent acrylic bar. The room is bathed in blue-red light and Hawaiian music can be heard. The use of sound brings the installation to a cinematic level.

In Fidelity and in earlier works, the artist interweaves art-historical references with his own artistic biography.

In this modern paragon between photography and sculpture, Glauer created a sculptural still life.


In the wall work LAST, 2017, the artist transformed an industrially produced film into an iridescent illusory world in which scale is questioned and refractions are magnified into hyperreal highlights.

Here, Glauer investigates the visual relevance of a fleeting reflection and questions its translatability into the two-dimensional photographic form.

In this four-part ensemble, Glauer is offering an ephemeral but precise space-time experience.


Marius Glauer


C-print, acrylic glass, new media

Museum of Now *Berlin Edition

Photo by Danilo Pasquali


Marius Glauer


Archival pigment prints

Museum of Now *Berlin Edition

Photo by urbanpresents

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