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MON Publications >> Books

Five Interventions on Limits of the Visible

35,00 €

Hardcover, 150 pages

Publication date: 15.02.2020

museum of now berlin edition book.jpg

MON Publications >> Books

In the Search of Now

With texts by

Sylvain Baillet, Katia Hermann, Viola Koriat, Jan Gustav Fiedler, Michelle Houston and Denis Leo Hegic

German and English

Softcover, 76 pages

Publication date: 17.10.2019

ISBN: 9783000640001


The Museum of Now publications are an integral part of the Museum’s mission. MON publications exemplify the scholarship of the Museum’s staff, associates and collaborating artists, and serve as a valuable resource to visitors, collectors, scholars, students, and art lovers alike.

MON is committed to advancing new ideas about artists and artworks, and pushing the boundaries of museum practice. Working directly with artists, we seek out innovative approaches to the exhibition, conservation, and interpretation of our collection. From the intersection of art and technology to the depth of a single artist’s work, the MON publication program plays a key role in our efforts to present the art of the NOW.

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